Liberation through hypnosis

With the help of hypnosis, we can communicate directly with your subconscious mind. During the treatment you are always conscious and in control.

Depression, anxiety, worry, lack of self-esteem and self-love, loneliness, dependency, addiction are mostly related to subconscious issues and prevent us from being successful in relationships, at work, in sports or in everyday life. It always leads to self-sabotage and we don’t know why.

Everything we experience is stored in the subconscious. There is always an emotion associated with it. With hypnosis we can communicate with the subconscious mind and treat negative experiences.

With my advanced hypnosis therapist experience I will employ the full spectrum of treatments in the range of a hypnotist.

Hypnosis leads to deep relaxation and access to the subconscious mind

The great success of hypnosis is based on regression to the cause. In a therapeutic hypnosis regression, the hypnosis therapist can find a solution regardless of when the problem occured. Often there are unprocessed events in the child hood which might not even look like being of significance. They need attention and are solved withing a few minutes. Sometimes it happens the problems occured in a past live. Also in this case our mind will travel there and find the cause and we will solve it together in just a few minutes.

Hypnosis therapies can take place in Bangkok, Thailand or via video call. A video session is equivalent to on-site therapy, and the familiar surroundings make it very easy to relax.

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The therapy can also be performed online with the same effectiveness. The online option can be selected when booking and is 20% cheaper than an on-site appointment.

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